Keys are used daily to unlock doors, turn on our cars and secure our homes. Metaphorically speaking, keys open doors of opportunity and can be the secrets of success. But keys are only useful if they are used. If they remain in the bottom of a drawer, buried at the bottom of a purse or in a pocket, they are of no value. They are of little use if they are in our pockets, lost or at the bottom of an elevator shaft. Not only will Dr. Larsen share with you keys for success, but he will also inspire you to use them.

It’s All In The Numbers: <br>

Simple Tools For Big Results
It’s All In The Numbers:
Simple Tools For Big Results

Numbers are the magic beans. They tell us where we have been, where we are and where we can or will be tomorrow. During the thirty years Dr. Brad Larsen was in private practice, he ran his practice “by the numbers” and created a high quality, extremely productive, patient friendly practice with a loyal, happy staff. Let Dr. Larsen show you how to transform your practice to meet your dental and medical goals.

  • Create and run a successful practice.
  • Achieve your professional and personal goals.
  • Be well regarded in your community and among your colleagues.
team building
Accessible Or Welcoming:
Business Meets The Golden Rule

Not only do business owners need to comply with current ADA regulations as employers, but also as service providers. It is estimated that over 50% of the US population has at least one chronic condition. Not only is it illegal to discriminate in the hiring process, it is also illegal to discriminate against current employees with chronic conditions.

For 42 of the 44 years that Brad and Cindy Larsen have been married, Multiple Sclerosis has been a not-so-silent partner. As Cindy’s primary care giver, Dr. Larsen has taken her to countless doctor appointments and on shopping trips. He has searched for handicap restrooms, sat in the back of theaters and navigated through the back doors of restaurants. The list goes on and on. There is a big difference between handicap accessible and handicap welcome. Dr. Larsen can show you how you can create a welcoming environment not only for your clientele, but also your staff.

  • Be legally compliant.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase client satisfaction.
Don’t Step On The Rope:<br>
Creating Your Dream Team
Don’t Step On The Rope:
Creating Your Dream Team
As a young dentist, it didn't take Dr. Brad Larsen long to realize that while he may be the doctor, nothing happens without the staff. A happy and productive staff is the key to a successful practice. Just as mountain climbers are roped together to create safety and increase their ability to reach new heights, owners and team members are “roped” together as they reach for their business goals.

  • Have a happy, productive staff.
  • Meet your practice goals.
  • Create a pool of patients who value excellent dental care.